Monday, February 2, 2015

Another Ground Hog's Day

Migraine sufferers often suffer in cold and gloomy weather. If you have been in the northeast early in the year, we are no strangers to freezing weather and snow. As a migraine sufferer I typically dread this time of year. The one saving grace is that “Groundhog’s Day” is just a few days way. Regardless of how the day is resolved the day in itself is a tangible sign that warmer weather will eventually come our way. As I am writing this I have sunglasses on to cut down on the glare which I am affected by on a headache day. This is just a bit uncomfortable; I hesitate to even call it a migraine (even though I know it is) since I am able to go about my day but with certain adaptations.

These adaptations are part of life for me at this point and I thankfully do not even miss a beat most times. There are always the days that are exceptions. Groundhog’s Day allows us to look forward to St. Patrick’s Day and thus April and May. I can only speak for myself but I am pumped that Groundhog’s Day is so soon. I know that many people disregard this day (which I can understand) yet I feel it serves as a tangible reminder that warmer and drier weather is imminent. I am in contact with many brain injury survivors who also suffer from migraines and there is always a unanimous jubilation regarding the end of the cold and dark winter.

This weekend is the super bowl and also the initial mark of spring. Regardless of an early spring or a late spring, the day marks that spring is coming. Everyone needs to look for a bit of positive energy in his/her life. Certainly there will be some people who may look at you as over-enthusiastic; to them I say, “You do what works for you and I’ll do what works for me”. It comes down to knowing yourself and what helps to make you tick. Positive energy is absolutely beneficial to so many. I would love to hear from any of you who agree or have seen positive changes in his/her life following a positive life event. Please remember there is never an event too small.

I thank you all so much for reading.
Stay Positive,

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