Monday, January 12, 2015

No Victory too Small

There are small miracles and victories every day. An individual needs to make an attempt to take notice of every small victory that they observe. I accomplished a flight home from Florida myself. Newark International Airport is not entirely user friendly; it is extremely intimidating. Thankfully the employees were fantastic and were very willing to answer any question that I had. Now my first flight alone is behind me. It is now just a memory. Now that the accomplishment is behind me, I am relatively positive that I will not choose to travel alone when I am given the option. The choice will not be made out of fear. I enjoy making connections with the people who work in the airport as well as the people who are traveling themselves. I now join the population in accomplishing a mode of travel (as an individual) that many people use. I only travel for vacation. My position thankfully does not require that I travel beyond my state. I would love to hear who has returned to traveling by his/herself following a brain injury.

I am friendly with many survivors and they helped to put my mind at ease. It is bizarre to look consciously throughout your contacts to find people who have faced the same dilemma as you yourself are facing. It is beautiful to no longer classify something as a dilemma. Flying alone has now been accomplished. My situation puts me in a bit of a funny spot; my issue was not the actual flight itself. I have never really had a phobia of flying at all. My issue came from knowing which lines to go through to proceed through security. The people working in security were very nice. I felt as though they were prepared to work with somebody who may have a disability. My mother was able to get a gate pass so she was able to accompany me to the area before I had to get on the plain. I am very happy to be able to have a   flight under my belt that I did myself. I would love to hear who else has traveled themselves after a brain injury. I am pleased that I have never had an issue with my headaches on a plane. Many people who suffer from headaches have extreme problems with the altitude changes and thus pressure changes. I thank you very much for reading and as always I welcome any responses that you may have.


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