Friday, January 23, 2015

Inspiration From Unlikely Avenues....

Recognizing who your population is can lead to inspiration from many unlikely avenues. By owning who you are and how you easily could have ended up allows you to recognize the benevolence of those around you. I was positively shocked at the impact that interacting with a former patient had on me. An individual who underwent very similar rehab and hospitalization is now living semi independently. There was an overwhelming sense of pride that I felt come over as I recognized the improvement and the sense of independence that had been assumed. I have a renewed sense of who I am and where I am going. I feel that I can get many people to attend a support group that my company is planning to begin at one of our hospitals. Surprisingly I felt entirely at home being surrounded by several former patients.

This represented tangible growth. No longer did I feel uncomfortable. My position and also my attendance to support groups have allowed me to grow into a well adjusted brain injury survivor. I used to compare myself to every survivor who I came in contact with; no longer do I feel the need to compare. I was able to gain inspiration from the individuals that I was able to meet. A female who is very close in age to me showed me her apartment where she lives herself. I was incredibly proud of her.

Witnessing her has given me a renewed since of ambition to be less dependent on other people to assist me in the daily activities of life. I would love to hear who has returned to living independently following a brain injury. I definitely have some anxiety in regards to living on my own. I just genuinely enjoy companionship. I am not sure that living on my own should ever be a goal of mine; seeing a comrade who is successfully living on her own has allowed my eyes to be open to the possibility. I did not expect for the meeting to have such a profound impact. Clearly, one never knows how certain situations can serve as a positive impetus towards living more independently. Thank you so much for reading! ~Noelle

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