Monday, December 22, 2014

Peace and Appreciation

Recently I was invited to a lovely interaction by a former patient to her house. I have become very familiar with her family as I met them while the patient was still only semiconscious. The welcoming warmth that I felt upon entrance to their house was fantastic. If ever I wonder if I am doing a meaningful job, interactions such as the one I had are certainly reassuring. The family says that they consider me part of the family and they can’t thank me enough. It was great for me to be able to go somewhere very meaningful. At times, when there are not many commitments it is easy to feel yourself slipping away from the enthusiasm which is the hallmark that you bring to your position.

As I am getting older, it is enlightening to witness your values and desires change form. No longer do I feel a desire to go out on the town with people. At times certainly there is a time and a place to do just that but I am at true peace by entering a families’ circle and sharing a meal and conversation. I can only desire that such opportunities will continue to show themselves. Social media has allowed me to stay in touch with many of the former patients who I have served as an ambassador to. I follow the patients and stay in contact as I desire to always be a helpful resource. I am still the same person as I always have been, yet I am maturing. The former patients and their families enjoy greatly that I am a resource who always wants to be available to comfort and aid as a brain injury is a fully encompassing injury for the entire family. As an individual improves and adjusts to the “new normal” there is always a bit of discomfort with the inevitable changes that have taken place.

Resiliency and adaptation are key components to a peaceful and sound recovery. One needs to take ownership over his/her changes to function and learn to truly appreciate those who have stood by. I have thankfully witnessed many incredibly supportive families. To witness how entire families flock to embrace a member who has been injured makes me realize how my family must have been viewed by the rehab staff. I am forever thankful to them for how they have supported me as I have ventured through on this recovery. I would love to hear any comments that you may have in regards to family involvement.
I thank you very much for reading.


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