Monday, December 1, 2014

Give Thanks and Get Thanks

This previous weekend was a beautiful experience. It was further driven home by the incredible message that a former patient had left. It is important to never lose sight of the positive things that you encounter throughout your occupation. Sometimes we are not aware of the impact that we have in regards to other people. I was pleasantly surprised by a former pant’s message. It is wonderful to know that during somebody’s holiday, they were very thankful for the inspiration that they had received from my visits during the exceedingly difficult time that they had in the rehabilitation center. A simple thank you is may not truly appreciated.

I was able to enjoy a spectacular Disney production over the weekend with my Goddaughter. Her eyes lit up as she watched the magical story unfolding before her eyes. The joy could be seen in her eyes clear as day. Individuals who are in medical facilities have a much harder demeanor to interpret. Many times one is unable to decipher if their efforts are having a beneficial effect on the patient. The phone call that was received was certainly a treat. Whenever in doubt, always thank those who have made an effort on your behalf. Truthfully, I was unsure of the impact that I had in regards to the individual who has made it his prerogative to be sure to call and be sure that I am recognized for the efforts that I have put forth on behalf of the patients who I visit. The fact that I was recognized for my efforts made the true meaning of Thanksgiving incredibly valuable. When in doubt; always give thanks. I would always much rather give thanks when it is not necessary, than risk appearing as ungrateful.

I am sure that there are always people who I have missed (such is life) but I am sure to always try and make a contrived effort to make sure that I always give appropriate thanks and recognitions to those that have impacted my life positively. I see how positively a thank you can impact a person’s ambition to continually act in a similar manner. Now that the Christmas season has officially arrived it is important to instill gratitude to the children and those around you. My niece and nephew are adorable and special. It is important to try and contribute beneficially to their development of social etiquette and manners.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope that everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!


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