Friday, December 19, 2014

Be What You Are....

Education is an excellent way to create the initial motivation toward improvement. August W. Hare reminds us to not try and disguise who we are. He explains that the first step in trying to improve is trying to understand what we are. Having a disability is certainly difficult to swallow, yet owning that you do indeed have a disability is the only way to truly improve your state of mind and thus being. Your mind is who we are and is not defined by what we can do.

The abilities that each one of us has are what we need to focus on that will keep us motivated. Owning where you are in life as well as any challenges that you may have help us to create a baseline of where we want to be. For me it is a very important notion to also remember that “who you are” is not completely defined by your abilities or disabilities. The mind is forever the control center of who we are. Regardless of your level of ability, engaging a positive and proactive mind can be the secret to unleashing a new sense of enthusiasm.

Considering all of the people in your life who have made an influential impact, can help us to have a goal as to how we want to be remembered and the influence that we hope to pass forth to the people that we meet. My injury, my recovery and my state of mind have allowed me to develop into my role as an ambassador. A boss of mine has eloquently shared his positive influence towards the patients that he cares for and also the rest of the patients whom he encounters. I forever consider myself a student as I believe that we learn from each and every person that we encounter. I thank you very much for reading and welcome any comments that you may have.


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