Friday, November 21, 2014

Preparing to Give Thanks

The holidays are just around the corner. After a life altering injury there is an extremely concrete reason to give thanks for the gifts in your life. Family, love and joy are what surround the holidays. Specifically the purpose of Thanksgiving is incredibly poignant following a life altering injury or illness. Every survivor needs to realize how fortunate they are to be able to have the warmth and love of family. The gears of life allow for celebration. In order to truly feel and experience the holiday season one has to satiate upon the true beauty and meaning of the day. Far beyond any meal or any presents that are exchanged are the deep rooted meanings of each holiday. The purpose of Thanksgiving is a theme that I strive to live every day. There are many people who are unable (for one reason or another) to celebrate and experience the joy that is to be had.

I am thankful for the expertise of the people who I work alongside. Both professionals and patients are specialists in their own right. Hopefully I can convey to each and every resident/patient or family that I visit with that I respect and admire each and every individual. There is a spectrum that people who have had brain injuries fall into. The level of comprehension varies based on the acuity and the level of recovery from the brain injury. There is always the aspect of time that comes into play when recovering from any type of an injury. A brain injury involves the entire person. The physical aspects are often slight in comparison to the unseen injuries that are left behind. The gift that I can give daily is the gift of understanding. As a former patient myself, I vow to never forget what it is to be ignorant of the steps ahead. I think that every opportunity where a piece of information can be shared from one survivor to another is beautiful. Part of what I try and convey is the true importance of the season that is just ahead. It is important to continue living the meaning of thanksgiving far after the holiday season is behind us.


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