Friday, November 7, 2014

Keeping Prospective....

There are many situations where an individual’s strength is tested after a devastating injury. I found a quote that I feel is quite applicable to interpersonal relationships post a brain injury, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Philosophically I believe this quote is right on the money. Regardless of how people treat you, the response is entirely in each one of our control. I believe that a person can make comments but not ensure the desired insult without the cooperation of the pupil who is the target. Theoretically an individual can make a vow within them to refrain from allowing him/her self to be distracted from the daily goals set forth. I adore this quote because it truly makes you think. A situation which has made an individual feel inferior always involves the willing consent of the person of target. As an individual you are actually in a tremendous amount of control as to what permeates your emotions.

  I try and imagine how things would be different if I never reacted quickly to inflammatory comments made in my direction. I know many parents who themselves get very reactive and angry if they feel as though his/her child has been targeted. It is difficult enough to control yourself, I really couldn’t imagine if someone who was completely helpless was targeted. Sometimes I feel that inflammatory comments are not made with malicious intent. As with everything, certainly there are times when they are definitely meant to purposefully be mean. I try and take a comment with a grain of salt and attempt to evaluate in what way the comment was made. I try and evaluate if the comment could have possibly been made in an innocuous manner. I have had to make a contrived effort to stop and consider the varying intentions of a comment which I originally felt as though had malicious intent. I have to credit my therapists for helping me to evaluate several possible intentions before having a kneejerk reaction. Post brain injury, it is easy to react quickly and without much thought. Frontal executive function is damaged and therefore as are the decision making and judgment making areas of the brain. I would invite any comments that you may have and I thank you for reading.


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