Thursday, November 13, 2014

Finding Joy In People

A large part of managing any change in life circumstance involves making an effort to find joy within people. You can count on people treating you much more warmly when your heart is in the right place. Hospitalizations are very difficult on people and surrounding families. The holiday season is coming; certainly nobody wants to be in the hospital during this upcoming time of celebration. As a support to the therapists, doctors, nurses and staff there will always be the effort to get patients home to their families. Relating to people who are going through trauma is definitely a specialty of mine. Hopefully I can increase the state of mind of the patients so they can focus more intently on their therapy regime that has been laid out for them.
There is a definite carry over from this positive mantra in the facilities onto general life. I stay in contact via email with many former patients. They share how their life is going and what is coming up on their agenda. Everyone has different strengths. It is great to compare stories and find those experiences that are alike and also those that differ. I am convinced that having a former patient who will compare notes with current patients can only assist in the recovery of these individuals. There is a common goal of many of the patients and residents to get home with his/her family before the start of the festivities. Regardless of whether or not they are able to get home before the holidays, each facility makes sure to create a warm and welcoming environment for each and every resident. The nursing homes have already begun to decorate to welcome the upcoming holidays.

Each resident makes the facility his/her own by adding decorations and by creating a true home feeling. There are several residents who I have encouraged to go above and beyond to lend a friendly hand or a warm smile to others. The result is a unanimous effort by both residents and staff to create a warm and welcoming environment. I distinctly recall coloring many trees with their warm autumn colors. The combining of efforts can create a beautiful environment where individuals can feel as close to “home” as possible. Many of the facilities offer long-term care where it is exceptionally important to encourage the employees to treat the residents as family. I would love hearing any feedback that you may have in regards to any holidays that you may have spent in the hospital. Thank you so much for reading as always.


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