Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Simple Things...

A smile is a simple way to help to make somebody’s day. Hospitals certainly are somewhere people need to be uplifted and helped to understand that the entirety of the employees are there to ensure his/her health and likewise the health of the community. It is great to see how a culture that values the friendly body language can help to stay motivated. While a patient is trying to regain his/her independence; a friendly and upbeat atmosphere is essential. It is also rather simple to enact. The level of expertise of a hospital is one thing; but a healthcare system that values a lifestyle that tries to keep patients out of the hospital is what has made me fall in love with where I work.

 It is not very often that there is a unified cause where the entirety of the workforce has the same goal in mind. Thankfully there are reports for the “best places to work” where the company that I am employed is consistently recognized. As a former patient, I always remember how much positive personal interaction affected my motivation. I take special notice towards the positivity that I witness at the nursing facilities that we run. Patients/residents who are afflicted with dementia or early Alzheimer’s often pass through a stage of hostility. It takes a special employee to be able to separate and not take the possible personal insults to heart.

 I believe that the recreation coordinators at our nursing facilities should be commended for the job that they do. Every facility that we have is different and each facility has a specialty. The full continuum of care is what keeps our healthcare system distinct as different from those in the rest of my state. Regardless of which hospital or rehab/nursing home there always has to be similar desire to shed positivity and light amongst those who are in the facilities. Employees are encouraged to treat residents as they would like a family member of theirs treated. It should be a top priority for every facility in relation to health and well being to shed positivity and light. I would love to hear from those who have shared a unique and positive experience. I know that through meditation and yoga individuals are greatly to control his/her state of mind and therefore how they are perceived.  I am intrigued as to how certain people are able to able to control so much of how his/her body reacts to certain stressors.


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