Monday, October 13, 2014

Importance of Family...

Throughout this recovery; I have realized the true importance of family. This injury makes me feel as though the population of brain injury survivors is my family. This injury has alienated me from many; it is during times of loneliness that I am so grateful to my parents and my brother. Unfortunately family life often suffers as a result of a life altering injury. Brain injuries in particular are very difficult. Depending upon the location of the injury, an individual’s personality may change. My family has immersed themselves in much of the research that is available. This injury is a part of me that I will live with for the rest of my life. Likewise, my family will hopefully always understand as I progress forward in life.  I am in contact with many survivors; not always is this guaranteed. There are heart wrenching stories of siblings, spouses and children who flee from the injured party. I recently have connected   with a young woman who has found love and acceptance from her sister. I will attend a traumatic brain injury support group that she and her sister are attending. I will make sure to acknowledge her sister and the fantastic role that she is playing in relation to her sister. Many of the survivors that I have become close with all mention his/her family and how the change in life circumstance has affected them. This upcoming weekend is my Goddaughter and nephew’s joint birthday party. There are going to be ponies at the party for the kids to be lead around on. I focused upon this during my last therapy session. Much of this injury I have been able to proceed through life in spite of. I will make it my business to be nothing but supportive of my brother and the beautiful party that he is putting together for his children. My parents are aware of the potential anxiety that I will experience; they also know of my will and have no doubt that I will be able to step outside of my emotions for the two hours that the pony rides will be going on. I would love to hear who else has a bit of post traumatic stress in relation to his/her injury. I realize that the troops coming home from war have the possibility of extreme post traumatic stress. My therapist and I discussed the possible triggers that may come up at this joyous event for my brother, sister in law and their children. I am curious as to who else sees a therapist to assist them as they navigate through life, this injury and family dynamics. The children would never understand any emotional issues that I may be feeling. I have to try and put them on the back burner as I will be there to celebrate the birthdays of the children. This weekend will be an overwhelmingly joyous occasion. I do not want to take away from the enjoyment of the children in any way. My brother and sister in law have been amazing to me and I need to be supportive towards them and their children. I am hopeful and confident that I will be able to manage my emotions as I have towards every other difficult event that I have had to face post accident. Hopefully my therapist has given me useful methods to keep my anxiety under control. I have to heed the advice of him and make sure to always keep the focus on maintaining an even keel. The children are too young to understand all that is encompassed with what goes on emotionally. One day perhaps fifteen years down the line I will explain it to them. Right now all they will understand is a party and cake. Perhaps I will discuss the posttraumatic stress tendencies when I go to my support groups for this injury. I have never yet been to a support group for this injury. Hopefully I will feel as though we are all speaking the same language. I would love to hear from anyone who has gone to a support group for their injury. Thank you very much for reading.


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