Friday, October 17, 2014

Getting Support.....

As humans we need to feel as a part of something. What was surprising was the amount of comfort that I immediately felt in my attendance of the Brain Injury Support Group. What was amazing was that in attendance was a family who I had visited during the hospitalization of their sister. Sometimes we all lose sight of the purpose that we fulfill as a part of our positions. I was amazed at the incredible unification of every person in attendance. I am sure that I will attend next month as well. Support is an underutilized resource. I remain in contact with the vast majority of the patients that I visit during his/her hospital stays. It was interesting to be exposed to several survivors who are at various different stages of life following his/her accidents. Some were traumatic accidents while others were brain tumor removals and strokes. Regardless of the nature of the injury, we all could relate to each other.

 The day to day progression through life while living as a brain injury survivor is no easy feat. I have made a pact to myself and every brain injury survivor that I come in contact with; to be one hundred percent truthful in regards to both the difficult times and the uplifting and encouraging times. There certainly is a choice that has to be made in order to focus upon the gifts that a survivor has. At the group there was a constant theme in regards to the support and love of family. Throughout the entire group there was never a feeling of anger or bitterness. In the group nobody felt the desire to keep the disguise on. We were all one; we have all survived and are desperately trying to find our place in society. There is a community sense in regards to brain injury survivors. The seminar that I attended earlier in the year was referenced and I felt in touch that I had attended and absorbed much information from the conference. There was truly something very comforting about being able to speak with credibility. My credibility comes from personal experience as well as working alongside survivors.

The fact that there was a former patient whom I had visited during her hospital stay in attendance was an added bonus. It is incredibly uplifting to witness the transformation that an individual goes through. I was intrigued by the benevolent nature of the group. I believe there is something to learn from every person that you meet. An individual, who has gone through many of the same experiences as you, has an even deeper understanding. I was unaware of the incredible benefit that a community would provide to a survivor. I am curious as to who has utilized a support group of any kind. I thank you very much for reading and encourage you to respond.


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