Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Vacation....

This upcoming week, my extended family on my father’s side as well as myself and my cocker spaniel will be venturing to Cape Cod for a week. My Botox injections that I get to dull the nerve pain in my scalp and head from my migraines have completely worn off at this point. I am a tad nervous that my cousins are going to think be a bit surprised just how bad my migraines get. I am hoping that they will be peaceful the majority of the time. I don’t see these relatives that often and I know there will be a great many toddlers and at least one infant. As long as I have my dog with me I can escape out of the mayhem of little kids to the peace of the private beach. I am so happy that my father gave in to allowing me to bringing my Andrew. He originally wanted no dogs; but as it has become clear how unbearable my head becomes right as the Botox injections wear off, he now sees that Andrew is comforting to me and will be my escape. I am convinced that Andrew knows when I am in pain. He has not left my side within the last ten days as these headaches have been ramping up. In fact my vision is already beginning to double up again (I am counting down the days until I get my injections, supposed to get them on a date that I will be away). I hope everybody enjoys this next week and I will return in a week and as always I thank you for reading!


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