Monday, August 25, 2014

Refreshed and Renewed After My Vacation

I am refreshed and renewed after my vacation. There were a ton of second cousins at the cottage that we stayed at in Cape Cod. We all know; that with little kids comes crying. My Botox (for my Migraines) was actually scheduled for during the week that I was away. Thankfully my father is similar to me and doesn’t enjoy basking on the beach. Bright sunlight can certainly bring a migraine on. I was able to hop in my Dad’s car and he took me on day trips. I went to the beach with my Dog to catch the sunset. It is kind of unbelievable that all of the cousins were there with their own children. It was very nice to see it. One night in particular the older cousins were sitting around the kitchen table and playing a card game. They all probably hung out every night; I fall asleep early and wake up early. Only one morning I was wide eyed awake at 3:30 AM. I had Andrew so we waited until just before sunrise when I wasn’t at risk for falling; we walked down to the private beach. It was simply my dog and I and nature. Deep sand is tough for me to walk in. Tough I can handle; not when it would burn me if I cannot move fast enough. I would love to know who has shared that experience. The Halloween candy is already on display in the grocery stores. Yikes, sometimes I can’t believe how fast things progress. I guess the old saying, “The only constant is change” is very true. I really needed my vacation. I feel as though it was just what the Dr. ordered. ~Noelle

Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Vacation....

This upcoming week, my extended family on my father’s side as well as myself and my cocker spaniel will be venturing to Cape Cod for a week. My Botox injections that I get to dull the nerve pain in my scalp and head from my migraines have completely worn off at this point. I am a tad nervous that my cousins are going to think be a bit surprised just how bad my migraines get. I am hoping that they will be peaceful the majority of the time. I don’t see these relatives that often and I know there will be a great many toddlers and at least one infant. As long as I have my dog with me I can escape out of the mayhem of little kids to the peace of the private beach. I am so happy that my father gave in to allowing me to bringing my Andrew. He originally wanted no dogs; but as it has become clear how unbearable my head becomes right as the Botox injections wear off, he now sees that Andrew is comforting to me and will be my escape. I am convinced that Andrew knows when I am in pain. He has not left my side within the last ten days as these headaches have been ramping up. In fact my vision is already beginning to double up again (I am counting down the days until I get my injections, supposed to get them on a date that I will be away). I hope everybody enjoys this next week and I will return in a week and as always I thank you for reading!


Monday, August 11, 2014

My Nine Year Anniversary....

Wow this previous Saturday marked my nine year anniversary of sustaining my brain injury. I am often asked how I had the drive to push forward to the extent that I did; my response is faith. That may not be entirely accurate; originally I was ignorant to the likely prognosis of what had happened to me. As I regained much of my cognitive ability; I made a conscious decision to keep pressing on. Once I was told that I was not paralyzed and thus I could theoretically no longer use assistive devices if I improved my balance my family and I began to do our own methods of therapy after hours. What is difficult is that I am forever different emotionally. The physical stuff I feel as though I can handle. If people would like to accuse me of being a boisterous drunk, I am fine with that. I absolutely do have some frontal disinhibition. I love my job because everybody here understands what it is to go through medical trauma. Mondays are actually my favorite day of the week because my boss on Mondays has had first hand experience with brain injuries. He understands that many of my personality quirks that are a direct result of this injury. I would love to hear has shared this incredible feeling of not feeling like an outsider. I would love to read any comments you might have. As always thank you so much for reading.