Thursday, May 1, 2014

Step Backward to Move Forward.....

Earlier in my week, I visited with a patient who is going through rehab at one of our facilities. I inquired regarding how he/she was progressing. The response that I attained was, “I felt that I was progressing very well; today I feel that I have hit a wall.” Erika Taylor’s quote was incredibly applicable to this moment. Taylor reminds us, “Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward”. The patient seemed to nod in acknowledgement as I stated this quote. I always hope to provide a bit of encouragement to the patients since I understand what a large effect the state of mind has towards the progression through rehab.

The patients appreciate my experience of knowing the progression of rehab. I know that rehabilitation is long and arduous. I have found it beneficial to acknowledge what a patient is saying and continue to encourage them as they progress forward with his/her rehabilitation. Every patient that I speak with, I convey that there is no glass roof over his/her head. A patient would make any doctor thrilled if they surpass the initial prognosis of what level him/her is expected to progress to. Honestly if I can help a patient to be encouraged to gain as much out of therapy as they can; I feel that I have added my portion to the rehab team. People have different ways of showing his/her appreciation or lack there of. I typically introduce myself rather lightly and feel out if the particular patient would be open to meeting with me. After I have met with the patient(s) I am able to report to the doctor of psychology if I feel as though he/she may have some emotional issues that are beyond my ability. I am not certified and therefore do not provide therapy hours when I visit with a patient.

The physiatrists in charge have faith in me as I have notified the appropriate professionals when I feel as though they may have some needs that are beyond my abilities as an ambassador. Knowing when to ask for assistance has become a skill that has proved to be invaluable for me. I would love to hear any comments that you may have, and as always I thank you for reading.


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