Monday, May 12, 2014

Seminars and Unity.....

It is a beautiful thing to know that a community wants to learn of methods for the betterment of its members. I am attending a seminar later this year; everyone in attendance has a need and a desire to learn of the trends that are helping the community of head injury survivors. Even though my injury was several years ago, I jump at the chance to learn from a panel of professionals and hear as to which methods they have witnessed to be the most effective for survivors. Part of my role is to encourage and share advice regarding things that I have learned along the way. I think that this seminar will provide a beautiful unity amongst both the professionals and the brain injury survivors that will be in attendance. I fall into the roles of both a professional and a survivor.

The keynote speaker on one of the days is also a survivor. She was injured in her teens in a car accident, and now is in her forties and living an independent life. She has diligently pursued her motivational speaking and has now provided herself with a career that has allowed her to live an independent life and speak regarding a life altering situation that is near and dear to her heart. There are several different lectures to choose from in each portion of the seminar daily. The seminar is a two day event that will provide a wealth of knowledge to those that have an interest in learning the current aspects of the Brain Injury Community. I consider it a truly special event to be able to attend this seminar as a professional and a survivor. I have a board meeting for the state council prior to the seminar. I will be able to ask questions regarding the current agendas for council that are brought up in our meeting. It is quite interesting that I will be attending the seminar on several different accounts.

I am a survivor, a professional who is working in the field of neuroscience and also a state council member in my home state of New Jersey. I am going to listen extremely intently to any questions or concerns that are brought forth during the council meeting. My family I know is extremely proud of the steps that I have taken to better myself in regards to my knowledge of this injury  I know that I have helped myself and patients whom I interact with who would have an interest and a desire to learn about where the brain injured are going as a community.


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