Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Reaction To the Brain Injury Alliance Seminar...

I just attended the Brain Injury Alliance’s Seminar on traumatic brain injury. It was incredibly enlightening and also granted me a sense of validity which is invaluable. As I am writing this, my botox for my migraines is nearing the end of my three months, and as a result I am struggling yet again. I learned from the professionals who presented that indeed my feeling of perpetual improvement and recovery is correct. To hear that my continuous effort has a huge effect on my functionality really encouraged me. I am so thankful to hear that the psychologist in her lecture remarked that it is important to remember that what a brain injury survivor has encountered is nothing short of catastrophic.

Therefore my emotional battles are not uncommon or unfounded. There is such a wonderful feeling of vindication that I earned from attending this conference and learning from numerous professionals in the field. I apologize for the brevity, my vision is beginning to blur as this migraine is unbearable.
I thank you for reading and would invite any responses you may have.



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  2. Juan,
    I thank you So much for your compliments and your response! I love to know that others involved in this industry are impressed by how I am living my life and the mission that is so near and dear to my heart. You made my day! I apologize for the delay in response as I have been struggling a bit medically as of late.

    Best Always,