Monday, April 14, 2014


The ways in which I affect patients is what determines a good ambassador. I have a level of credibility in that I realize what it is to have had my life changed; yet continue on in life in a manner which is extremely conducive to my well being. A patient who I visit weekly in a rehab facility has told me a countless number of times of the enjoyment that I have added to her stay in the facility. The positive reinforcement that I receive from patients lets me know that I am adding benefit to the experience of those who reside in our facilities. I love hearing that by my presence and by providing comfort and encouragement has made a difference to people. To think that somebody looks forward to my presence weekly is hugely motivating for me. I am hopeful that there will always be a role to be filled. To consistently be referred to as an integral part of the healthcare team that is the organization that I work for, allows me to truly feel a part of something. I know that one of the most attractive traits of a healthcare organization is the interpersonal appeal of those who have contact with the patients and residents.

I hope that I continue to make a contribution to every person that I visit with weekly. Each and every patient that I know I am making a difference for makes a huge difference in how encouraged I feel regarding my position. It is amazing how incredible I feel knowing that someone has gone out of his/her way to make sure that I am recognized for the efforts that I put forth to always make sure that no resident or patient is left feeling as though no one cares. I check in with the head administrator at each facility to see if there is a particular patient who exceptionally would benefit from a visit with me.  I typically am given a sheet with room numbers on it; that way I know which rooms to visit.


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