Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I think that after brain injury, survivors tend to lack the feeling of unison in many groups in society. It has been imperative for me to really strengthen my role as an integral member of my family. I have always felt as though family should love you through thick and thin. This weekend I am going to assist my father in sitting my niece and nephew. I know that my niece and nephew are familiar with me. Perhaps I can aid to help the children feel more comfortable. I think that the constant factor that must hold true in both my career and the role in assistance of care for young people is the role of kindness. I have recognized that there is no value that can be assigned to its intrinsic value in the care of people.

I witness daily the importance of that element in my healthcare organization. A healthcare organization must function similar to that of a family. The employees are conditioned that each and every person in our hospitals is somebody’s father, mother, sister or brother. The hope is that the quality of care is as one would hope for his/her loved ones. As a support member to the healthcare team, I witness some of the interactions amongst the hospital staff and can honestly say that the culture of kindness is of the utmost importance. The culture is one that makes you proud to be a part of. We are members of a greater cause. There needs to be an overwhelming desire of the team to help. Simple smiles and handshakes are simple tangible gestures that are encouraged. The hope is that even though it is never ideal to be in a hospital setting; hopefully we can differentiate ourselves by being an organization that cares. I have seen that this culture has passed on into other areas of my life. I am pleased that I have witnessed myself go out of my way to reach out to help others. I have lent a hand, a smile or a warm salutation to those who I have never met that look as though they are in need. In my experience through this recovery, warmth and kindness is invaluable especially in times of need.
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