Monday, January 27, 2014

Importance in Collaboration

I am so thrilled to see that posts that I have written have been useful for others pushing through on their recovery. It is an incredible gift to be able to help “connect the dots” for individuals who are facing a recovery. The unification that comes is invaluable for those who feel that they do not see a clearly laid out path set for themselves. For myself there were many instance of “trial and error”. A beautiful thing about this day in age is that there is the resource of interactive networks. There are various support variables that are in place to help.

People sharing first hand experience with others who are enduring a similar circumstance; allow for possible ideas to be shared. A medical doctor must always be consulted when learning of a possible treatment option. I myself utilized an idea that was suggested as a possibility by a medical doctor who I work alongside. I approached my neurologist with the idea; he conquered that it indeed may be a possibility.

I am hopeful that people can use this blog as a vehicle to share ideas with each other. Please always know that your doctor has final say; knowing what has worked for others is always useful. Thank you very much for reading and please know that I love when I come into the office and see that there have been responses and comments to my posts!


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