Monday, January 27, 2014

Importance in Collaboration

I am so thrilled to see that posts that I have written have been useful for others pushing through on their recovery. It is an incredible gift to be able to help “connect the dots” for individuals who are facing a recovery. The unification that comes is invaluable for those who feel that they do not see a clearly laid out path set for themselves. For myself there were many instance of “trial and error”. A beautiful thing about this day in age is that there is the resource of interactive networks. There are various support variables that are in place to help.

People sharing first hand experience with others who are enduring a similar circumstance; allow for possible ideas to be shared. A medical doctor must always be consulted when learning of a possible treatment option. I myself utilized an idea that was suggested as a possibility by a medical doctor who I work alongside. I approached my neurologist with the idea; he conquered that it indeed may be a possibility.

I am hopeful that people can use this blog as a vehicle to share ideas with each other. Please always know that your doctor has final say; knowing what has worked for others is always useful. Thank you very much for reading and please know that I love when I come into the office and see that there have been responses and comments to my posts!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

“It is in our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light”....

I recently had an incredible interaction with a former patient. He/she was feeling very down regarding the seemingly sluggish nature of the progression of the recovery. I was able to remind just how far he/she is from their original state. I am hopeful that I was able to help cast a ray of light towards the former patient. As Aristotle Onassis reminds us, “It is in our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light”. I love this quote because a large portion of my position is to help cast a ray of light towards the path of recovery. My position allows me to feel very important in the lives of those patients that benefit from my encouragement. I know that for some, my position allows for a sharper focus onto what works as a support to the therapists that are helping to improve the lives of their patients. I feel that having gone through a brain injury; I am very familiar with the difficulties that a patient may encounter as they venture forwarding in his/her recovery process.

As Aristotle Onassis implies, it is very easy to lose sight of the path towards the goal during dark times. In the daily rehab grind it is very easy and tempting to lose sight of the path towards recovery. Obviously every patient is different and there are three that turn me away for every one patient who truly benefits and looks forward to meeting with me. Typically the ones who benefit, do so with such enthusiasm that it makes me feel as though I am doing the right thing. I would love to hear any feedback that you may have and as always I thank you for reading!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Moving Forward.....

As another year and another holiday season gets further in the distance; individuals have to keep their victories fresh on their minds. As a culture, Americans are excessively rushed and stressed. Individuals who are recovering from brain injury need to make a conscious effort to not lose sight over the strides that have been made. My quality of life has greatly improved after successfully getting my headaches under control. I have shared that I am in contact with a network of brain injury survivors. Constant headaches are something that plagues nearly all survivors. By being in contact with both fellow survivors and several doctors who are familiar with the recovery process from a Traumatic Brain Injury; I was able to approach my neurologist with what had been suggested as a possible approach to lessening my headaches.

The specialists have final say always, but in my case the suggestion regarding the botox injections were well received and after eight years of my injury, were decided upon as a possible method to lesson my headaches. I am very grateful that I am in contact with numerous individuals who have been willing to share their expertise with me regarding a brain injury recovery process. I am hopeful that this blog will provide a forum where survivors and families of survivors can get in touch with one another to share ideas and experiences to compare notes.

Part of my desire in this position is to help by providing a resource to survivors. I know that families desire for their loved one to be understood. I found that there is no better way to be understood than by creating a network with others who have gone through a similar experience as you. Once this network is discovered, experiences can be compared and the mutually beneficial arena takes form. As always I thank you for reading and I thank you for your responses.