Monday, October 14, 2013

Could it Be....

I have shared many times that I do not believe that I will ever be pleased or grateful that this injury occurred, yet I am not sure that I would have ever found a career as fulfilling as the one I am in. I always think of songs; specifically “This” by Darius Rucker and “Could It Be” by Charlie Worsham. While Charlie Worsham’s song is regarding a relationship that has developed, I often consider the title when considering my state of mind in relation to this career. I often find myself thinking, “Could it be that this injury that nearly ended my life, has now provided me with an avenue on which I have built incredible ambitions and enthusiasm towards a career that can have a huge impact on peoples’ lives as they are going through the hardship and devastation that can accompany a brain injury. The moral of my story thus far; is “never give up”. There were many times throughout this recovery where I sunk very low and allowed myself to become overwhelmed at the imposing task of developing a life for myself post injury. Thankfully my family was by my side and provided me with access to therapists when I was not able to arrange my schedule or appointments myself. Noteworthy as well, were a pair of friends that I have, who do not know each other. One, I grew up with and actually rode horses with when I was younger. She has been by my side and has taken me out since I have been able. My other friend, (a fellow member of the equestrian team at James Madison) used to drive up from over an hour away and come to see me and take me to dinner. I can distinctly remember the joy that came over me when the medical transport would pull up to my house to drop me off from rehab and I saw her car sitting in front of my house. For me, these are two of the most fabulous friends that anyone could ever have. They stood by my side when I spoke unclearly and didn’t walk well. I feel I truly lived the notion of “fair weather friends”. I saw what it was to have more “friends” than I could count when all was sunny; when those dark clouds rolled in they scattered (with the exception of my best and true friends and my family). Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to your responses, ~Noelle

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  1. what is absolutely great about you other than you beautiful personality is that you are a go-getting. you dont let things put you down and that is exactly what we need to survive in life. you are doing great. keep going