Thursday, August 1, 2013

Heroes Within Us

Many times it is easy to accredit hard times as being capable of creating heroes. I found a quote by Bob Riley which perfectly speaks to this, “Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during these times that the hero within us is revealed” Bob Riley completely speaks to my way of thinking. I am not convinced that hard times change who a person is.

I completely conquer that difficult times shine the spotlight onto the hero within a person. Perhaps we all are capable of showing who we are and what we are about and value. I don’t believe in wishing things haven’t occurred; I choose to put every effort forth not to waste my time and energy on pointless dreams. I put every effort forth to create my own dreams in congruence with what has occurred. Sometimes people comment regarding what I have done in relation to my injury; I feel that I did what was in grained in me to do. I almost feel as though those traits were within me; they were in hibernation until they were awakened during a less than ideal situation occurred. There are times that I get a little surprised at the level of gratitude and appreciation that I receive.

There are two different schools of thought that I have encountered in my position.- there are those who see me as an excellent interpersonal and communication supplement, or those who feel they want no visitation from any person who is not directly involved in their care. No two individuals are ever the same and people handle misfortune in different ways. I would love to read any thoughts you have regarding this statement; as always I thank you in advance.