Monday, May 13, 2013

Taking Ownership.....

A brain injury is much like any life change in that a person is brought back to their basics, and thus forced to truly take ownership over his/her morals. Every injury is different and the ways that the injury manifests itself is different for every person. Recently while visiting with a family, I was informed that they… "would have never known.” Clearly I enjoyed hearing this. My position is incredibly unique because I was given a chance and an opportunity. Daily I am able to continue to grow in this position as I share comfort to others venturing on their rehabilitation process.

A main reason as to why I am able to morph into this position is because I have recognized how my core morals fit into this organization’s mission. In order to truly do so I have to truly re-examine my morals and values. It is easy to lose sight of these as one is consumed with their physical well being. Physical, intellectual and emotional well being are intertwined in the wellness model that I recall from my college days. I would love to hear who else has witnessed more than one aspect of well being coinciding with another? It is interesting how these aspects seem to improve jointly as they increase a person’s total health. As I have shared in the past health is invaluable. There is no price tag that can be assigned to it. Following my brain injury I had to keep the prospective that I indeed was extremely healthy. I get headaches from time to time as a result of the injury, but all things considered I am extremely healthy. I have to remind myself of this whenever I feel as though things are beginning to become a bit dismal for me. The beautiful thing about my position is that I get to preach what I practice. I am very involved with the brain injury community in New Jersey and I often hear amongst the dialogue that individuals who have sustained injuries are typically successful when their injuries are understood. There was a huge sigh of relief once I realized that I no longer needed to conceal my life altering injury. Now my recovery from this potentially horrendous injury now can function as an asset for me. I would love to read any and all comments that you may have. I thank you very much in advance.