Monday, April 1, 2013

Unusual Strengths....

As I have battled back from this injury, I have come to discover some true strengths and skills that I never thought to build on. It is really unbelievable how happy I am; without the things that I always thought were so important. Clearly, they weren’t that important after all; if they are still they are for a different purpose. I always was very concerned with my outward appearance to others. I always wanted my abdominals to be in fantastic looking shape.

Following my injury I truly needed my core to help me maintain my balance. Imagine that; what had started out as shallow became a very necessary attribute to help me return to the level of mobility that I so desperately longed for. I learned the true value of so many things. Never in my life had I realized that maybe there was a way for me to gain a career where my personality would be such an asset. I can’t believe that I am truly so happy in my life even though I sustained a devastating injury that I live with every day. It breaks my heart when I see survivors post that they are “completely healed” from their brain injuries.

In reality, perhaps an individual can get back to full independence despite his/her injury but unfortunately, I have never met somebody who feels they are identical to how they were pre-injury. I know that my injury resulted in a few very noticeable issues (such as my arm tremor and my headaches) but I believe that all survivors notice some changes in their attention level or their ability to think quickly and critically. I would love to hear who else shares my point of view.