Friday, October 19, 2012

Strive to Do Something Meaningful....

What I have learned through my position is that everyone should strive to do something meaningful. I found a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King that captures my feelings exactly, “That old law about an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. The time is always right to do the right thing.”  Dr. Martin Luther King was an incredible leader because of this way of thinking. He did not only think about his ability to succeed, rather felt that he could assist all to succeed by encouraging society to digest certain ideals that would help to benefit them. A great business, in theory, should hopefully have its values based on doing the right thing for people. I think that is why I consider myself so blessed to have landed at Meridian.

I have been given an opportunity to work for an organization that is dedicated to making peoples’ lives better. I think the organization is very successful because there is always a backbone of help and goodness to every initiative that it undertakes. A true “eye for an eye” type of mentality would leave all members involved unsatisfied. Working for a benevolent health care organization allows me to witness that there are different facets within the business world. Theoretically, I think becoming involved in an occupation that mirrors where you stand morally is extremely valuable to your self esteem. If one feels positively about where he/she is applying a great deal of effort, the result should be very positive. In our office, everyone hopes for the success of each other. This unified culture allows for us all to genuinely try to succeed in our own portion of the organization for the benefit of everyone else. I would love to hear from who else has taken a different career path following an injury.


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