Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dreaming Is A Way of Planning...

I saw a quote that really hit it home for me. “Dreaming is a way of planning, dreaming and imagination leave the doors open to possibilities.” I feel that this is a fantastic way to look forward to your future. Gloria Steinem encourages people to open themselves up to the possibilities that may enter their minds. I think that it is good when I allow my mind to venture to far off places.  It is not good to grow into a complacent individual, which is why I hope I never stop dreaming. When one has dreams and ambitions, one always has something to work towards. I love to consider that every attainable plan begins with a dream. There is a level of comfort in knowing that our lives are what we dream of them to be. Maybe our dreams have a bit more depth to them than we originally thought they ever could; our dreams can teach a lesson.

Sometimes, knowing that my plans have significantly changed from what I originally thought has allowed me to see myself as resilient. I think every survivor is familiar with what I am referring to. I would love to read some commentary from fellow survivors. I read a comment from one of my first blogs which stated, “I hope that you get to… not only as an injured woman.” I appreciate the feedback, and I think it is important to state that this injury does not define me, yet it is a large part of who I am. It is also the reason why I am in the profession I am today. I feel that I have made attempts and am becoming more secure with who I am after my life-altering accident. A huge ambition and dream of mine is to secure my position as a definite part of my health care organization. I want our organization to stand apart from the others because of our “outside the box thinking”.

A phenomenal professor who I had during college always told me to “imagine and dream a perfect position” for myself following graduation; he felt this was the first step in attaining it. Maybe it was. Just like Steinem says, maybe it was my first step to planning my future.  I am more than qualified for the position I am in now due to life experience. Career positions due to life experience are often where individuals excel. My life experience stands out and my recovery from brain injury is extremely noteworthy. I had not yet built a career for myself when I was still in college. I would love to hear from others who pursued their college degree after sustaining a brain injury. I am very fortunate that I was able to attain my degree and employment at a time when employment isn’t entirely abundant. My dreaming continues as I reach out and knock on the doors of different nurse managers who may be able to utilize my position of support.


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