Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My First Day of Work At Meridian Health Following My Brain Injury

My name is Noelle McNeil. On August second of 2005 while I was competing at a horse show I was rendered comatose after falling from a horse. I was indeed wearing a helmet and this was why I was able to survive. I did however sustain a severe brain injury which rendered me in a coma immediately upon impact with the ground. This trauma was indeed a great deal to swallow and embarked me on the most arduous journey of my life. This journey is not one which has a finite end. I will be recovering for the rest of my life. As an individual who has survived a brain trauma, one can’t help but wonder who is going to be willing to allow you to try and apply what you have learned both in school and most importantly through life experience.

My thoughts immediately went to somewhere other than the city. After a neurological injury my fatigue level would not allow for me to commute 3 hours a day to work in Manhattan. I was fortunate to regain my ability to drive. Even I had to look outside the box to something other than the New York City hub. My fears were that having been injured, maybe my business degree would become non applicable. Indeed maybe it made me non applicable for some places, but perhaps it makes us very applicable to work in others. A Health Care Organization who specializes in making the lives better of those who have been sick, ill or injured ended up being very applicable for me.

Where to Work?

My first day of work a filming crew came to my house to film me getting ready for work and traveling to one of Meridian’s other hospitals at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank NJ. I felt a need and a desire unlike that which I had ever felt post accident. I believe that a sense of helplessness seems to take over for a patient readjusting to life. This feeling is thankfully very short lived as one begins to reassess what opportunities and tools they have available to them. Perhaps life may be different, but perhaps it can be that much more fulfilling.

I know my parents were indeed very nervous for me following this injury. When they learned of my position with Meridian they were thrilled. Who who could have thought? Recoveries are not ever easy to come by; and those who have been fortunate enough to attain one need to be aware of their fortune in which to do so. I truly believe that developing into a life of purpose is what each and every one of us should strive for. I have had to watch my parents both struggle and feel triumphant as they have watched my journey from hospitalization, to that of rehab, through college and now finally back into the working world. I am not yet a parent, but after watching the bravery with which that my parents have battled through this injury along side of me every step of the way, it instills a deep sense of thankfulness to them. I am wondering who has had some of the same experiences? Who has felt their relationships grow in ways they had never thought possible? I feel that this relationship is mystical within itself. I ask for whom has seen themselves drawn to the philosophical way of relating to things following an injury?

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