Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Believe in yourself and believe in those around you.

“Believe in yourself and believe in those around you. Have faith in what you have been through and have hope as far as to where you can go from here.”

There has been a recent horror that has unfolded in the United States. There was a mass execution style massacre in Florida. Innocent people were attending a nightclub in Florida and the horror that was unleashed upon them was devastating. Humans are capable of outrageous wrongs in this world. They are also capable of love and support. I try and remember to live every day as the Bible instructs and to love one another as myself. It is hard for me to even comprehend the amount of hatred that was occurring within the shooter. It is so sad to consider the amount of anger and hate that man had towards innocent people. Simply because a person lives his/her life differently from what you may deem appropriate, does not mean that they are no longer entitled to life. In this country we are all permitted to live in the pursuit of flourished life as long as we do no harm to others. It is a beautiful day today and I hate to write about a depressing topic but I feel as though it cannot be ignored. I feel for those innocent families and I cannot begin to imagine what they are going through. My dream and my wish is that all people could live in unity and accept one another for their differences. Each person is an individual and we all make choices every day. It troubles me to realize the pain and horror that man must have been living under to make him feel as though mass murder was the only option. I have prayed very hard on behalf of those families and I wish for them to find peace in knowing that their loved one is no longer living in fear as he/she lives on. I believe that heaven is a place where we can all live in unity and nobody is persecuted because of his/her individual preferences. I thank you all for reading and I wish you all peace and love.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer natural forces

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” -Hippocrates

This quote while simplistic is indeed very truthful in relation to human wellness. Wellness is about how a person manages his/her life. Fresh air, sunlight and exercise are some of my favorite things in relation to the summer. I so look forward to swimming laps every morning. I suffered for quite some time with depression. The summer activities and the way I conduct my life make it so that depression does not have a stronghold on me. I greatly look forward to beginning my days in the pool in my backyard I feel very healthy because of the amount of exercise that I do. Cardiovascular wise I can’t even comprehend why a person would ever begin smoking. I am just happy that I pursued athletics in high school so that never appealed to me. As we are getting older I have seen people’s parents pass from things that were preventable. It is very sad that people would knowingly engage in such dangerous behavior. The quote by Hippocrates rings true as people are encouraged to live their lives in a healthier manner. Thankfully I feel as though I have gotten these headaches under control. My neurologist believes that they were brought on by a med that I was taking.  It was almost unbelievable since I had no such side effects in the beginning of taking this med. Like anything, your body’s reaction to things can change. Thankfully I have figured out that by no longer taking this med, I can indeed have a life back. Everything seems to be coming together in that my favorite time of year is here and my chronic migraines are greatly under control. I am incredibly thankful to my physicians who realized that perhaps the headaches were a side effect from a medicine that I was taking. I know that my cardiovascular systems as well as my organs are in excellent shape as I take care to eat carefully and always exercise. I hope that each and every one of you have an excellent start to the summer and remember that this time is about family and love.

Thank you very much for reading,


Monday, May 9, 2016

Life is not merely to be alive

“Life is not merely to be alive, but to live well.” - Marcus Valerius Martial

A large trend in healthcare as well as society is the gravitation towards wellness. In a perfect scenario there would not be a need for hospitals, yet being realistic they are entirely necessary. Once a patient goes through treatment the goal is always to dismiss them while at the same time providing them the proper education to prevent them from returning for the same vive that originally landed them in the hospital. There is a vast difference between living and living well. Prior to my education that I attained in regards to my diet, I was simply existing and going through the motions of daily life. I lacked the energy that I have since attained by adhering to the advice of a nutritionist. I am slightly embarrassed that I neglected myself and my organs for so many years. On the journey of life there are always opportunities and time to redirect how you are living towards a healthier and more proactive lifestyle. Your organs will improve as well as your immune system. Doctors and hospitals will always be necessary yet it is a beautiful thing to only utilize them when entirely necessary. An “after care” plan is delegated to each patient as he or she prepares to leave the facility and venture back into his/her daily life. I have taken the wellness guidelines to heart and since I have been adhering to my diet guidelines I am such a happier and more productive individual. I do still suffer from headaches but much less so than I did prior. There is quite a strain of dark and wet weather that is currently present in the northeast. This uncharacteristic weather of May has had my allergies and migraines running wild. I am sure to make sure that I do not miss a day at the gym in an effort to maintain my energy and thus my wellness. There is a stark difference between living and living well. I am thrilled that I finally took the advice of professionals. I thought that I knew better because I was working out incessantly. What I didn’t realize was that my body needed nutrients in which to function at its optimum. I have an MRI scheduled for Monday so that they can assess if anything new is occurring in relation to my brain injury. I doubt that there are any changes I just think that we have been in an extremely dismal and wet weather pattern in the northeast. I would love to hear any thoughts or opinions that you may have and I thank you for reading.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

If you're going through hell

“If you’re going through hell, keep on going; face that fire walk right through it….”

I have been very frank and honest about how disruptive the migraines that I endure following my brain injury. The Botox injections have solved them nearly entirely so it is clear to see how distraught I became at the return of the horrendous migraines. I was unsure as to why they had returned with such a vengeance. After suffering for a week I scheduled an appointment with my neurologist. I showed him where the pain was and inquired as to why the migraine pain had changed locations after so many years. Immediately he inquired about any medicine changes that I had within the previous few months. I did begin an anti anxiety med about 4 months ago. The doctor looked up the side effects and saw that TMJ was indeed a side effect that has been noted from individuals who have taken the med. My neurologist suggested that I discontinue the medicine and ask my dentist about this relatively common side effect of many medicines. I saw my dentist yesterday who confirmed that I do have some limited mobility in my jaw and he conquered with my neurologist. I am still very uncomfortable but at least I know the root cause of the pain. I am going to pick up my retainer from my dentist on Monday. That is soon, yet so far away. I have no experienced pain of this magnitude since before I began my Botox injections. My jaw is really beginning to bother me so I am going to head home before I am too distracted by the pain. I thank you very much for reading and would love to hear any reflections that you may have.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

You are always a student

"You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward." - Conrad Hall

In my days of horseback riding this was very evident. Even though I trained less experienced riders, a person always needs to take lessons themselves to stay sharp. The world is everyone’s arena and each and every one of us has to keep striving for improvement. I feel as though I am doing quite well but these migraines are still and likely always will be a challenge for me. I have learned that aromatherapy helps me to a large extent. I learned of that from a coworker of my brother whose husband suffers with migraines. I am not a fan of painkillers. They certainly have a use and are extremely effective, but I forever will be trying to develop coping skills to help me manage this pain. I am always going to be open to new suggestions for methods that have worked for others who are migraine sufferers. I think that advice from people who have walked a portion of your path is incredibly advantageous as you are attempting to balance your life. I think that life is about the connections that you make with people. People can be supportive and excellent when they are given the opportunity to do so. People who are afflicted with similar conditions realize how daunting they can be to your everyday life. Social media has provided a very useful platform for people to compare experiences. I am very thankful to you for reading, and I welcome any thoughts that you may have.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Don’t stop believing

There are many times in life when we all need some encouragement. Journey’s song is fantastic because it is an inspirational tune that you find yourself humming as you go through your day. Nobody ever said that the path of life was going to be easy; a mantra such as Journey’s refrain can encourage a person to keep pushing forward with his/her day. An individual needs to believe in his/her self. Nothing can be accomplished without the belief that you indeed can succeed. When I was first injured I was extremely depressed that I was wheelchair bound; that stress was converted to kinetic energy as I began to ask questions as to how I could improve. I think the most important aspect of my recovery was the fact that I never stopped believing that I would improve. At this point I have attained much of a recovery yet I have residual issues. I realize that my right arm will likely always be extremely limited in what I can use it for. Despite the chronic nature of my condition in my right arm I still try and strengthen it to make it as useful as possible. I can never allow myself to stop putting forth effort to improve. In life if you are not putting forth effort to move forward you are not truly living. Journey’s song is fantastic because it has a joyous melody and the vocals speak incredibly to people as they are in many different aspects of life. The weather today is rainy and it is causing a headache in me as I type this; I cannot allow myself to lose hope. I have to always believe that I will get more tolerant of these headaches. I would love to hear any responses that you may have and I thank you very much for reading.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Groundhog's Day

Another Groundhog’s Day is upon us and thus another anticipatory moment of the future. Groundhog’s day comes every Feb 2 and people have come to expect its arrival as a sign that spring is on its way.  While the Groundhog has not been proven as correct in many instances; people still look forward to Groundhog’s day as a sign that spring is inevitably coming. Typically February is a month where people begin to consider how long the duration of the winter will be. While this winter has been mild for the most part we do have some snow on the ground from the last storm that we had. This being the case has had many people considering if there will be an extended duration of winter or an early spring. I typically do not place much credibility on the famed groundhog; I rather look at it as a sign of another spring inevitably coming. Every season has its own anticipatory elements and spring I am positive is no different. I am already getting excited watching as the days are beginning to get longer. The sunsets are beautiful right now as the air is still crisp and clean. There is often the smell of fires in the distance while a clear and clean sunset can be witnessed. These are the beautiful moments of this time of year.

I know that late January through March are not typically thought of as pleasant in regards to the weather, but I have been able to walk outside and enjoy the lovely scenery several times over the last few weeks. Hopefully I will continue to get opportunities to walk outside and enjoy the scenery. Regardless of how the Groundhog feels in regards to his shadow I will continue to do my best to enjoy this temperate weather. I would love to hear who else has experienced a new appreciation for nature and beauty following a traumatic event.

The Super bowl is coming and another time to get together and celebrate is about to be upon us. Celebration times are different now for me following my injury. My celebration times are about friends and family at this point. I think that in addition to getting injured I have matured a great deal since my college days (prior to getting hurt). I would love to hear from anyone who has witnessed their social lives taking on a different form as they get more advanced in years.