Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Doctors' Day

I am forever grateful for where I work. Dr. George Corzo is an incredibly dedicated and proactive physician. I have witnessed firsthand the care and dedication that this physiatrist possesses. He often reports to the hospital where he is the director of rehab services at Riverview Medical Center on the weekends and even after hours. He has a large family, yet he gives the attention to every patient who he cares for as if they were part of his own family. He gives new meaning to the term of bedside manner. I believe that anyone desiring to be a physician, should desire to have the heartfelt persona that Dr. Corzo has with his patients.


Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Gonna Be the Best.....

There are good days and bad days for all of us. Yesterday I had a rare migraine (which I barely get since the implementation of the Botox injections). I was not able to go to work. It also coincided with a substantial snowfall in our area. I remained in my house with sunglasses on the entire day. This morning I awoke with a spring in my step as I was not in pain. It’s amazing how sometimes perfectly applicable songs come on the radio.  While I was on the way to work the song, “Gonna Be the Best Day of My Life” came on. This may not be the “Best day of my life”, but I am not in pain and that alone makes it a far better day than yesterday. Perception and attitude can make a huge difference as to how people treat you. This morning I am wondering who else interprets songs differently after an altering life event. This may not be the absolute best day of my life but I am so overjoyed that I was able to come into work today! I am in contact with many survivors and I know that there is a great deal of us who have various nerve pains. Unanimously every individual who I have spoken with regarding pains have shared that the cold and damp weather makes things worse.

Today is certainly not warm, but there is no precipitation. This is a much better day than yesterday. All we can do is hope that each day is a in some way a slight improvement on the last. Today is still bitterly cold but on the bright side, the weather forecasters said that likely the storm that we had yesterday will be the last! I am already thinking about warm weather and swimming pools. The winter is not a favorite season of mine at all; it passes as with everything. Faith that things will improve again is what keeps us going. I encourage everyone who I am in contact with to always remember that things will always get better. There will be times that they get worse, only to be followed by things getting better again. I try and always focus on the positive because nobody wants to be around negativity. I am hopeful that my head will remain as peaceful as it is currently. Bright lights and computer screens are triggers so I will always have to be aware. I thank you very much for reading and I hope that you keep your eyes on the stars and your feet grounded!

Best Always,

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Only You....

Each person can only control his/her mind. If you think about it that is all that we need to control because our whole world is as seen through our eyes. Our perception of the world and how we envision ourselves can determine whether or not we become proactive or stagnant in our recoveries. I am in contact with many survivors and the trait that unites all individuals who are living a productive life is that of positivity. I know that it is not easy; it’s very trying at times but as survivors we have to try and keep the faith and maintain that every day we can attempt a little something that will be better than the day prior. I would love to hear who has taken on the positive role in your life?

My family has undoubtedly been my largest and most encouraging support base. I know several survivors whose adult children have stepped up and have taken on the role as premier encouragers to his/her disabled parents. I always try and focus on the positive, sadly enough for every family that draws closer post neurological insult there are two that crumble. The dynamics of a household completely change following a brain injury. Adults who have served as the caregivers in this house very often will now themselves need care and to be supervised as a young child would. I would love to hear who has had experience with this. I thank you very much for reading!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Every Accomplishment Begins With A Decision To Try....

Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try. Motivation is an incredible factor that is the corner stone to every achievement that an individual achieves. There also has to be a knowledgeable decision to abandon a goal if it is too farfetched to be attainable.  The road back to mainstream society after having been in the safe haven of the hospital for many years is what really causes uncertainty after many months (or in some cases years) for a survivor looking to battle back from an injury. People who lack motivation are often disabled in their own right. With all that the head injured community has been through, it is my hope that all can summon motivation within his/her self.

There are varying levels of achievement and they can be attained in many different ways. Every single achievement begins in the same manner; the decision to try. Certainly there will be many cases in which things do not turn out like planned. At least you know that if you put forth a valiant effort you tried. Sleep can be attained far easier if one knows that he/she has put forth all his/her might to attain the desired goal. I attempted to attain my insurance license several years ago; this goal should not have ever been a desire of mine- a few days into the course I concluded that I should abandon my goal of attaining the producer’s license. This abandonment of mine did not cause me to feel inadequate. In certain cases it actually shows proper insight to realize that efforts should be directed otherwise. I would love to hear some experiences of survivors from the individual or from family members. I am so happy to keep in contact with all of the readers. I wish you all a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day and I look forward to any and all responses that you may have.


Friday, March 6, 2015


I am forever grateful to the medical community. A colleague of mine who is not my physician suggested to me that I inquire to see if Botox was a viable option for me to help and control my headaches. I did just as was suggested; my quality of life is completely different. I know that it is very easy to complain; I am forever grateful that my insurance company helps me to get my injections covered. Although when my migraines are in full swing; I would pay nearly anything to get relief. I am so happy that I am alive at a point in time where Botox is now FDA approved as a treatment for my headaches. I would love to know who else has had experience with Botox injections to reduce the number of headache days that one sustains. I do not want to stay on the computer for an extended period of time as that does worsen my headache. I would love to hear any experiences and responses that you may have had.

Thank you very much for reading!



A person can only go as far as he/she desires. Obviously there are things that occur that are beyond our sphere of control; but an effort for change has to be made if change is desired. “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” Napolean Hill succinctly encapsulates exactly what I am trying to express with his quote. The desire for change has to be greater than the desire to stay the same. I interpret the desire to be the same as a desire to do nothing. I see every day as a new day to achieve. People are different; I enjoy waking up at 5:30 in the morning and beginning my day. My brother who I adore has a completely different desire. If on a vacation he much prefers to sleep in and then do nothing. Now that he has children his wife has them on a schedule to have the children experience as many things as possible. I do not have children, yet I enjoy taking a proactive approach to my days.

I am always trying to plan out my days and I prefer to find a gym if I am on vacation. My desire to always be doing something is far greater than my desire to do nothing. Following a brain injury there are always two options; a person can be content not desiring to do anything or a person can desire to push themselves and to get back as much of his/her normal life as possible. My desire is to work daily, yet my migraines are a bit of a hindrance. I have accepted that some weeks are better than others and especially when my Botox is wearing off, there is always about five days of pain. I try to talk myself through and continue to go to the gym to try and alleviate my headaches. I do greatly enjoy that I am in contact with so many survivors who can hopefully understand migraines resulting from a brain injury. In all actuality, migraines are migraines; many people experience them who have never had a TBI. I have found that while they are not universal to every TBI survivor, there are a great many of people who have suffered TBIs who do experience them at some point in their recovery. I would be so interested in hearing who is familiar with migraines after his/her injury and also anyone who has utilized Botox injections to help and combat his/her headaches. I thank you very much for reading and I look forward to reading any responses that you may have.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Don't Stop Believing

It is very important to never stop believing. There is no cost and also the largest cost imaginable to your state of mind. I would much rather have too large an imagination and perhaps too lofty of goals than to lose hope. I think that being part of the TBI (traumatic brain injury) community has allowed me to flourish and develop into having the state of mind that I always dreamed and believed that I would have. There is an incredible network of survivors who have banded together (not by choice; rather by circumstance) who need to realize that they are not alone. A sense of community is a beautiful thing. Often the aspect of support is overlooked. Survivors can be inspired by each other.

Sometimes each of us can provide one another with the springboard that we each need to carry forth. We are all still people; regardless of what each one of us has been through we are continuing forth on this journey of life. I believe that knowing that there are others who are progressing forward with the same issues is incredibly comforting. With the development of the internet we can all find support groups for any vice that we have survived through. If you have not personally had an injury there are always places that are specifically designed for family members and support members. I would love to hear who else has utilized support groups for any aspect of life or specifically who has utilized a brain injury support group. I welcome your comments and as always I thank you very much for reading.